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Jason Johnson - Divisional Manager – Southeast Region - BladeCore

Jason Johnson

Director of Sales
Northeast Region
Cell: 218-340-4837

John Olsen - Regional Manager – Western Region - BladeCore

John Olsen

Regional Manager – Western Region
Cell: 949-228-2255

John joined the OilQuickUSA team in 2018. After spending several decades in the financial services industry, he sold his practice in 2017 and ventured into sales for the construction industry.

“What I love about this industry are the people.” John grew up in Big Sky Country and learned the value of hard work through his uncle who was a scrapper and could torch anything – including cutting an excavator into pieces. “I’m in awe of the awesome machines and work tools, but helping hard working people make their business safer and more efficient is what gets me fired up every single day. They say you can have everything you want in life, you just have to help enough people get what they want.”

Max Verva - Regional Manager – Midwest Region - BladeCore

Max Verva

Regional Manager – Midwest Region
Cell: 715-919-6122

Max has been with OilQuickUSA since 2017 and has 16 years in construction industry. He knows machines, throughout his career he has had the opportunity to operate and work on almost every piece of construction equipment out there.

“The best part of my job is visiting customers on the job site and getting a little dirty from time to time. The people in the industry are some of the most wholesome down to earth people I have ever met and I couldn’t ask for a better career.”

Todd Snyder - OilQuick

Todd Snyder

Regional Sales Manager – Southeast/
Government Services Specialist
Cell: 218-343-8429

Todd joined the OilQuickUSA team in 2017. For over 30 years, he has been in the equipment and manufacturing industry in various roles. He started out in metal fabrication then into engineering, and now into a sales role.

“What I like about this industry is being able to work with people to help solve an issue they have. I grew up working in a metal fabricating shop and have learned to run several pieces of industrial equipment. Watching a product grow from a piece of steel to a finished product and presenting it to a happy customer is very rewarding.”

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