Leak-Free Hydraulic Couplings

“Environmentally friendly” and “construction equipment” don’t belong in same sentence, according to some. OilQuick has never wanted to be like “some”. We pride ourselves on being gamechangers, just as our product has been a gamechanger for heavy machine operators. That is why being environmentally considerate is at the forefront of the design of our leak-free hydraulic coupling systems.

OilQuick’s coupler design greatly decreases oil leakage and negative effects due to chemical spillage, when compared to the conventional methods of changing attachments. The conventional process of changing attachments leads to oil leakage and environmental contamination. Our engineers, on the other hand, have designed flat-facing couplers that are drip-free. With fewer instances of oil spillage, that means less contamination of the surrounding environment and less exposure for the workers.

Our flat-facing coupler design not only prevents spills, but also allows for less wear on attachments. Our lines are intentionally run close to the excavator stick, which increases the protection from wear. By reducing wear and tear for your parts, your company requires less resources to complete jobs. OilQuick wants to partner with your company to provide with you with leak-free hydraulic couplings today!

Just as our oil leak-free quick coupling systems can have tremendous environmental benefits, they also offer immediate health benefits to improve your worksite. Our eco-friendly couplers help to reduce breathing hazards and allergy issues for worker. Our oil leak-free quick couplings greatly reduce the number of times that workers breathe in hydraulic oil, leading to an overall healthier environment.

Explore all of the benefits and see how our eco-friendly couplers can increase revenue and productivity!

OilQuick wants to help lead our industry to create more environmentally friendly equipment. After all, machine operators help to transform the way our planet looks by building something new or restoring something old. We, more than most, need the planet in tip-top shape!