Material Handlers

Developed by OilQuick, the OQC system provides unique advantages for contractors in material handling.

OilQuick Material Handler Quick Coupling System

Change any grapple to any high voltage magnet in 15 seconds!

The OQC is an OilQuick suspended quick coupler, which is primarily designed for use on loading cranes and other material handling equipment.

The system consists of an extremely rugged 360° rotator mounted on our fully hydraulic, tried-and-tested quick coupler. The OQC unit is suspended from the handling equipment’s stick.

The system can also include an electric swivel for operating lifting magnets.

Rated for over 100 amps continuous with two sizes available to fit most machines.

OilQuick Mag Rack Mag Rag Option is available and has been designed for easy connecting and disconnecting of the OQ system while keeping the magnet out of debris. 

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