Benefits of Quick Couplers for Excavators

OilQuick’s coupling systems are an investment that couple (did you catch that?) benefits together to increase several aspects of your worksite!

Our quick coupling system improves overall working conditions on your site. Once you install one of our systems, you’ll immediately see the benefits of a quick coupler for excavators or other heavy machinery. Operators no longer have to repeatedly climb in and out of the cab to attach adjustments. Less time moving in and out of the cab automatically reduces opportunities for slip, falls, and other injuries. Operators also have to spend less time outside of the cab in poor weather conditions.

Workers also have the added benefit of no longer needing to wrestle with oil-covered couplings, because our coupling systems are designed to be leak-free. Less physical contact with hydraulic oils also means that workers are spending less time breathing in the fumes from the oils, improving their quality of life. Plus, as any foreperson knows, healthy workers are present workers. Our coupling system help to lighten the load for workers and boost morale—and the benefits of a quick coupler for heavy machinery don’t end there.

There are environmental benefits of a quick coupler, too. Using our leak-free couplers means that when changing attachments, practically no oil leaks out to contaminate the surrounding work environment. Our couplings systems help to create safer work spaces that are better for the ecosystem, as well.

Any experienced operator knows how long it takes to change hydraulic work tools several times over the course of the day. Time, of course, is money. With OilQuick’s quick coupling systems, operators spend less time changing tools and more time getting the job done. Not only does our leak-free design reduces oil spill, but it also results in less wear and tear on your machinery. When you pair those benefits of quick couplers for excavators and other heavy machinery with their environmental perks, there’s no reason not to switch today!