Safety with Automatic Quick Coupler

Safety on worksites should be the number-one priority for everyone. Even with regulation and safety measures, accidents still happen. While you cannot foresee every possible scenario that may lead to an accident, you can still minimize the opportunity for injury to occur. OilQuick’s secure coupler attachments help to increase productivity while decreasing the chances of injury while working.

Every year, multiple accidents happen on worksites when skilled operators have to frequently get in and out of the cab. The simple actions of climbing up and down increase the chances of injury. The chances increase even more when workers are operating in rain, snow, or ice. Installing one of our secure coupler attachment systems instantly cuts down on the number of times that operators will need to enter and exit the cab, and that decreases the chances of a slip or fall. We are proud to help you improve your team’s safety with automatic quick couplers for your excavators and other heavy machinery.

Many only think of the catastrophic injuries that can occur on worksites, but OilQuick’s secure coupler attachments also help to decrease other health effects of working with hydraulic machinery. Each time an operator needs to exit the cab to change attachments, that adds to the wear and tear on joints and muscles. By allowing the operator to remain in the cab, less stress is placed on the his/her back and knees from climbing up and down. Our coupling system aids workers by putting less physical stress on heavy machine operators. Installing our coupling system also greatly decreases the number of times that operators have to disconnect and reconnect lines for machine attachments. Less time with lines means less time coming in contact with hydraulic oils and fluids and can lead to decreases in breathing difficulties from the chemical fumes.

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