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Our service team has put together some “how to” videos and manuals that can assist you with troubleshooting your OilQuick product.

Service Videos

Operating Your OilQuick Couper (Connecting and Disconnecting) – Watch to see how to connect and disconnect using the OilQuick Lock Support System.

Difficulty Disconnecting – Having difficulty disconnecting an attachment? Watch to see helpful tricks on disconnecting a stuck attachment and preventative measures to make sure it doesn’t occur again.

Fault Mode Troubleshooting – Is your OilQuick cab controller alarm sounding continually? Watch to troubleshoot fault mode and determine where the issue lies.

Nose Seal Replacement – Is your OilQuick Coupler leaking when connected to an attachment? Watch to see how to replace your couplings nose seal.

Emergency Mode Operation – Is your OilQuick stuck in fault mode? Watch to see how to enter Emergency Mode so you can still connect and disconnect from your attachments.

Female Hydraulic Coupling Replacement – Is your OilQuick coupler leaking when disconnected from an attachment? Watch to see how to replace your female hydraulic coupling.


Service Manuals

Standard Manuals

Spare Parts

OQLS Lock Support Tool

Install Guide

Female Hydraulic Coupling Replacement

Nose Seal Replacement

Weld On Bucket Instruction



Operating Your OilQuick Coupler

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Difficulty Disconnecting

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Fault Mode Troubleshooting

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Nose Seal Replacement

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Emergency Mode Operation

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